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Evening with aunt and uncle

Tonight my parents planned to go out and leave me with my uncle and aunt. Although I’m already 12 my parents say I shouldn’t stay at home alone after 8 p.m. Therefore, the parents called for uncle Mac and aunt Stella. They both are policemen. I call them „uncle” and „aunt” since they are my parents’ best friends. Sometimes I call them by their first names.

Mum and dad were already leaving when the door-bell rang. They opened it.

„Hi Stella. Hey, Mac. Thank you for finding time to look after Julia” – my dad welcomed them.

”No problem. It’s pure pleasure to us” – replied the aunt.

“Are we going Danny? Oh, hey Mac, hi Stell” – mummy joined the conversation.

“Yes, sure. We have to go now. We’ll be back at about 10:30 pm. Bye.”

„Bye” – said the uncle.

Mac and Stella left the house.

„Oh, hey kid” – the uncle welcomed me.

“Yo, but I’m not a kid”

“No offence, I was just kidding.”

„So were I.”

„Hi Julka” – th aunt came from the kitchen

“Hi, so what are we doing tonight?”

„I don’t know. We may watch some crime movie.” – proposed Mac.

“Come on. Such stories are your everyday job. I will pick up something” - said the aunt and grabbed some adventure film.

“What do you say?”

„That’s ok with me” – I answered.

Stella inserted the movie into the DVD player and pressed play. We sat on the sofa. The aunt laid next to the uncle. They looked so sweet, but they were not a pair. At the end of the movie the aunt cuddled to the uncle. All the time I was sitting next to them. It looked they forgot about it.

“Stella, I have to tell you something.”

“Yes, Mac?”

„I have to tell you that I love you very much. I’ve felt it since we met. I had to tell it to you, I culdn’t wait anymore...”

“Mac, don’t say any more” – the aunt kissed the uncle – „I feel the same.”

The parents entered at that moment.

“Thank you for looking after her” – dad entered the living-room.

“No problem. It was a pleasure. We shall be going now” – said the aunt.

Mac i Stella left. Each entered their car and went in the same direction.

“Darling, have you noticed that Mac and Stella went in the same direction although they live in two different parts of the city” – dad said to mum.


„Julia, tell us what happened here.”

“I can’t. I promised.”

„One day you will tell me and now go to bed.”


PS. Jeśli chcielibyście poczytać więcej historii o przygodach Maca i Stelli, zapraszam na mojego bloga:

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