wtorek, 4 czerwca 2013

Wiersze naszych uczniów

Oto wiersze napisane w języku angielskim przez Waszych kolegów i koleżanki w konkursie. Wszyscy laureaci otrzymali nagrody za swoją twórczość :) Miłej lektury :D.


I'm interested in everything around.
Games, computer and school.
It isn't this bad.
But you have to learn every day.

                                  Damian Jaworski, kl. II b


My mum is beautiful
My dad is cool
My sister is funny
I love eating honey
I have two nice dogs
I scared big green frogs

                                  Wiktoria Kosowicz, kl. II b

What's in my room

There's a desk near the door.
There's a plant on the floor.
There's a car near the ball.
There's a clock on the wall.

                                  Dariusz Pachucki, kl. VI b


I go to my bed,
and I must sleep.
But my walls are red,
they won't let me dream.

I'm counting the sheep,
and drinking hot milk.
I want eat some crisps,
but mum will see me.

My mum look at me,
and says quite loudly:
"It's midnight my dear,
why are you not sleep?"

I cannot sleep,
the walls won't let me.
But you know what, mum?
I'm tired now.

                                Emil Milewski, kl. VI c


Every mother has overtime
Servant maid
Teaching assistant
Or pal
Mother has each faculty as
an ace up her sleeve
She's like an oracle
Decides about everything
And as payment and salary
She gets kisses

                              Katarzyna Pawłowicz, kl. VI c

Wszystkim laureatom jeszcze raz gratuluję. :D

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